Colin Vassell - London (UK)

Friday 12 October, 9:00 pm - Teatro Coccia, Novara (Italy)

Gospel’s newest contemporary artist, Michael Stuckey, has a classic sound with some “old school swag”. His music is set to take radio by storm! Tracks such as, “Good Times, “Promises of God” and “Father/Agnus Dei” are just a few numbers set to blaze the world.

Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Stuckey (as he is affectionately known) is a former lead singer for Stellar Award winner, Ricky Dillard & New G, being featured on "The Sweetest Name" with Grammy Award winner, Karen Clark-Sheard. Stuckey also formerly served as manager for the three-time GMA winning group, Isaac Simpson & DP and is currently founder/CEO of the Canadian Glass Awards.

Moving into a new season of life, ministry, and music, Stuckey was lead by God to venture into the music industry as a solo artist. Stuckey’s sound is one given by God and birthed through his worship and personal time. His vocal range and power is captivating yet unique.

Stuckey conveys to listeners, “In this season, you will learn how God brings you to a set place. That “baby” you’ve been carrying will soon be birthed. This is your birthing moment. Every song was written from that place, reminding us Who and Who’s we are!”

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