NOVARA GOSPEL FESTIVAL is organized by Brotherhood Gospel Choir in collaboration with the Town of Novara since 2005, under the artistic direction and organization of Paolo Viana and Sonia Turcato.

The festival received three Gospel Music Award as THE BEST GOSPEL EVENT IN ITALY, an important recognition and indication of its past commitments evident in the past editions, in which various globally important and renowned contemporary Gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, Donnie McClurkin, Myron Butler, Kurt Carr, Jonathan Nelson, 21:03, J. Moss, Micah Stampley, Israel Houghton & New Breed, Isaac Simpson, Richard Hartley, Michael Stuckey, Wayne Ellington, Michelle John, Colin Vassell and Carla Jane.

The festival offers workshops, masterclasses and concert performances of very high artistic quality every year, in addition to the precious enjoyable moments of worship coherent with the meaning of the genre that it offers the audience. Gospel actually means "God’s word" , good news. What songs by these great artists, whose lyrics are inspired by prayers, psalms and passages of the Gospel, clearly reflect the intention of spreading a message of peace, contemplation, freedom and hope, through a universal language that knows no limits and boundaries: that of music.

The organizing team of Novara Gospel Festival, wishes to thank the Fondazione CRT, Piedmont Region and all the partners who have supported the event. A special thanks to the Towns of Novara and Borgomanero for the support and to the Town of Cerano for permission to utilize "Crespi Hall Auditorium" to host the first four sessions of the Workshops and some Masterclasses.

Ass. Brotherhood Gospel Choir

Art Direction and Organizing
Paolo Viana e Sonia Turcato

Marco Ottavio Graziano

Communication and Image Co-ordination
Sonia Turcato, Artimmagine

International Public Relations
Paolo Viana, Josephine Kasera

Communication and Press Office
Marco Ottavio Graziano, Sonia Turcato

Josephine Kasera

Reception and Hospitality
Caterina Zadra, Iwona Pastuszka

Institutional Partners
Ministero della Cultura, Regione Piemonte
Fondazione CRT

In collaboration with
Comuni di Novara, Cerano e Borgomanero

Media Partners
Onda Novara TV, Radio Onda Novara

Technical and Media Partners
Ciaotickets, Teatro Coccia, Teatro Rosmini


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